The Red Bull Air Race pits some of the world’s top pilots against each other in race of speed and precision around inflatable pylons. Each airplane is a refined thoroughbred custom built for the race series. The planes must be nimble, fast, light, but incredibly strong.

The look of each airplane must also satisfy each team’s sponsors, as well as the TV cameras while not burdening the airplane with extra weight. Team Goulian asked CAVU to assist with designing a minimal scheme. The goal was to keep it exciting and clean, but as light as possible.

With an overall white base to start with, CAVU wanted to make the airplane look sleek and fast even when it was just sitting on the ground. Accent colors incorporating the team’s main sponsors were added to the area aft of the canopy (turtledeck.) Those same colors were also added to the tips of the wing and tail so that the edges of the airplane were highlighted for broadcast footage.

Team Goulian currently sits at the top of the leader board for the 2018 Red Bull Air Race World Championship.